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This is a pair of All Terrain reinforced 2.75 inch wide matched treads for the LT2 Treaded Robot. These are the generation 4 design. They have 4 ply mesh reinforcement, molded rubber with no splice. If you want just the tracks, see our 4th generation LT2 set of tracks.

Features and Specifications:

The multi-ply treads have an aggressive black rubber all-terrain 2.75" wide pattern. The inside of the tracks have a internal cleat that is used for positive timing to match the CNC manufactured LT2 wheels. The tracks have UHMW tapered guides screwed into the side that are matched with the taper on our generation 4 wheels. This allows for better tracking and very low probability of derailing. The track does NOT have a splice! Its continuous. The nominal center to center distance of these tracks with the LT2 wheels is 19.875". The weight of each track is ~3lbs.

The wheels are CNC cut from 1/2" thick Rubber and sandwiched between 1/2" UHMW that are chamfered. Each wheel has a bearing to fit on a 1/2" diameter shaft. The drive wheel has a #25 32 tooth chain sprocket mounted to it. The idler wheel is the same as the drive wheel, less the sprocket and timing teeth on the 1/2" thick rubber. The wheels come unassembled, you need to bolt them together per the LT2 manual. Each wheel weighs ~1.25lbs.

The tracks can be ordered with a custom length. Since they are molded, a custom length will take up to 6 weeks to complete.

  • Width: 2.8"
  • Length (inside circumference): 60.5" (custom lengths can be selected as an option below)
  • Pitch of Timing Cleats: 1.89"
  • # of Timing Cleats: 32
  • Wheel Spacing (nominal): 19.88" (6.6" OD Wheels)

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